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Punto Banco

A simple contest between the Player and the Bank

  • You do not have to play any other wagers to have a bet on any egalite (this being that both hands will have the same total).
  • You can bet on one or more of the individual egalites but you must have either a Bank, Player or any egalite bet as well.
  • Due to the way the drawing rules are designed the Banker's hand has a slight advantage, which is why you pay 5% commission when you win on this hand.
  • When the cards are being drawn, please wait for the dealer to indicate to you if additional cards are required.
  • The black or red cutting card signifies the end of the shoe.


At our Punto Banco table there are £10 min - £15000 max variable bets.

Egalite can be played alone as long as it meets the table requirements.

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