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  • American Roulette in the Sportsman Casino London


    in London

American Roulette

Enjoy a classic casino game

The principle of American Roulette is easy: you simply bet which number the ball will land on, before the dealer spins it around the revolving Roulette wheel.


There are 8 American Roulette tables here with bets ranging from £10 min - £30000 max on even chance and £10 min - £15000 max on dozens and columns.

French bets go by £5 min – Voisin = £45, Tier = £30, Orphlin = £25 up to table max. All variable on table minimum.

There are 25 Electronic Roulette machines: 25p min - £5 max. And also 20 Slot machines: 1p min - £5 max per line, with 14 linked to a progressive jackpot.

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